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Canadian solo producer/composer Zeko Deshoda is a man possessed with an unreserved passion for music, not to mention a deep pocket of ambition. Excitement toward what he has accomplished and what he has yet to achieve are fixed characteristics of this rambunctious twenty-two-year-old go-getter.


And make no mistake, Zeko has made music a high priority for close to a decade now. Since his debut self-production, “Early Mornings to Late Nights” at the age of seventeen, he has kept his nose to the grindstone without looking back.


When Deshoda was nineteen, he put out an earth-shaking LP entitled “Sleep Well, Sweet Dreams” which contained his breakout singles ‘Police’ and ‘Dial, Dial, Dial’—both of which are downright show-stoppers.


After graduating from the Centre For Arts and Technology—in Kelowna, B.C.— with a diploma in Electronic Music, Zeko put his most authentic foot forward and began composing house beat after house beat until he had enough content to start crafting a house-hop LP.


“Palm Court” is certainly his most vivid, intentional release to date, as illustrated by his precise sound design, versatile lyricism, and jaw-dropping electronic drum-breaks. With bangers and bops such as ‘One More Time’, ‘Electrical Touch’, and ‘Tidal Wave’, it is clear that the natural skill Deshoda was gifted has been groomed by both arduous education and non-stop practice.

-Taylor Odishaw-Dyck for TUNED UP (2021)